Earn money by getting more sign-ups on your referral links

 Hey everyone,

Do you want your referral links to gain more exposure and increase your chances of people signing up? This is a great passive technique.

Well, this is a website where you can post all your referral links (there is literally no limit) and people will sign-up with them. You can post crypto, finance apps, survey apps, traveller apps, literally any referral code. This is a very popular website with its own browser extension and appears on the first page of google searches. When someone types in "binance referral code", "celsius referral code", "airbnb referral code", this website pops up at the top.

The website is https://invitation.codes/ (Referral Link). My referral link will increase your links exposure. You can earn credits as well just by posting and following people which earn you Credits ($) to put towards their upgraded plans but I haven't upgraded yet and have already gotten a lot of sign-ups.

Here are my stats from yesterday for my referral links. I had 5 sign-ups yesterday.

If anyone has any questions, let me know.

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